Summer Nights Studio branding arm was founded by girls, who saw a hole in the market for bright, genuine design that was full of life! Pretty and bright, bold and colourful. We want your business to shine with the same personality as you, and for your products and services to speak to your target audience.

Summer Nights Studio creates visual experiences that are combined with just the right words to help you reach your goals. Marketing with sass and determination, we got your back.

We know our way around the beauty and fashion worlds but can also help those in the corporate sector reach pre-determined audiences. Our Summer Nights style can be moulded into something special, regardless of what industry you’re in. Okay, truckers might be a long shot, but we could just well surprise you!

Whether it’s social media, photography, websites, print, email campaigns or branding, we know what works and take the time to research your market before we go crazy with the colours. Well, you should probably expect us to go crazy with the colours anyways.

When it comes to copywriting, we can tone it down a bit if needs be, but just a heads up, we find sass sells well and strongly suggest you try it! Even the corporate world needs a bit of humour every now and then.

Check out our packages below. We have something for everybody.


Branding Package

Logo, colours, website, copywriting, images, banners, icons, five full content pages.


Custom Branding Package

Branding Package + shop/integrations
five pages+


Branding Update Package

Light update of brand, including new images and overall feel to freshen up your brand.


Website Update Package

Organizing website information, bringing your brand together, simplifying your brand.